The Million Dollar League – What’s It About


Hello. I’m Joe Krawec – Lady Batman and fledgling comic writer. Together with the brilliant artist Angus Medford, I am going to bring you an Elseworld Justice League origin story set in America during 1956.

Our Justice League is a little different from the super-norm. Because our heroes do not disguise themselves as mild-mannered reporters or billionaire playboys. Instead, this League are rock ‘n’ roll musicians, starting out on their journey to ‘make it’ in the music biz.

million dollar leagueIt is inspired by the Million_Dollar_Quartet, a legendary jam session that was held between Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. They were the four biggest (or about to be the biggest) names in rock ‘n’ roll and country at that time. The jam session was recorded at Sun Records in December 1956. They were the leaders of the ‘Justice League’ of music at that time.

The Million Dollar League isn’t just about music. The League forms to combat racism. Our musician superheroes is a band which comprises both African American and white members, performing to mixed audiences. In the time that the Million Dollar League is set, America was a racially segregated country in parts. Our comic hopes to teach people a bit about this using characters from the American music scene and DC Comics.

Here’s a list of the real-life people our Elseworld characters are based upon so far (this list will be added to as the issues build):

  • Batman – Johnny Cash.

    Robert Johnson - our Cyborg

    Robert Johnson – our Cyborg

  • Superman – Woody Guthrie.
  • Shazam (or Captain Marvel as he was known back in the day) – Elvis Presley.
  • Wonder Woman – June Carter Cash.
  • Flash – Chuck Berry.
  • Joker – Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • John Stewart GL – Sam Cooke.
  • Also – we have another character – a man who may hint that there was an earlier League than the Million Dollar, 1950s based one: Cyborg – Robert Johnson.

You may have noticed links on this blog to Million Dollar League scripts but they can no longer be seen. We apologise for this – we have taken them offline whilst we develop our art and story. We hope to publish them online for everyone to read and enjoy in Spring 2015. And believe me – the concepts which Angus has treated me to…’re in for a treat, put it that way.

This story writes itself. It is part of me. I think it must have been forming since I was tiny, as I listened to the records my mother played as she told me the story of rock ‘n’ roll.

So Angus and I are very excited to bring you The Million Dollar League. We hope you visit us again to read our comic.


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