Research Books


The following is a list of books that The Editor has read or is reading for the research project. Some day, this will be put into some kind of order. For now – books are just being listed as they are read.

  • Phillip Jenkins, A History of the United States (Palgrave, London, 1997).
  • Randy Duncan and Matthew J. Smith, The Power of Comics: History, Form & Culture (Continuum, New York, 2009).
  • David Eldridge, American Culture in the 1930s (Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2008).
  • Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Random House, New York,1993).
  • Ian Gordon, Comic Strips and Consumer Culture: 1890-1945 (Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, 1998).
  • David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How it Changed America (Farrar, Strous and Giroux; New York, 2008).
  • Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon (Cassell & Co, London, 1930).
  • Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1939).
  • Raymond Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1940).
  • Raymond Chandler, The Long Good-Bye (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1953).
  • Marshall Berman, All That is Solid Melts Into Air: The Experience of Modernity (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1982).
  • Peter Gay, Modernism:The Lure of Heresy (W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 2008).
  • Malcolm Bradbury & Howard Temperley (eds.), Introduction to American Studies, Second Edition (Longman, London, 1989).
  • Richard Hoggart, The Uses of Literacy (Chatto & Windus, London, 1957).
  • Bradford W. Wright, Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2001).
  • Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ty Templeton, Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman (Charlesbridge, Watertown, 2012).
  • Simcha Weinstein, Up, Up, And Oy Vey! How Jewish History, Culture and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero (Barricade Books, Fort Lee, 2006).

2 thoughts on “Research Books

  1. Yeah… I’m totally stealing that list and strapping rocket shotguns to it. Will read some of those thanks, on a “comics history / superhero origins’ binge” reading some 1940s comics, and modern including post-modern and deconstructionist stories like Miracle Man (never read it.. ugh!), Iredeemable, Moore’s Supreme, re-reading Red Son. I recommend Peter Coogan’s “Superhero: The Secret Origin of a Genre”, brilliant book.
    Also I blog about some dude that start’s with “B” and ends in “atman”.

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