About The Project and the Site


The core of this site is a research project. Its title is:

The Bat-Man Begins: The cultural origins of Detective Comics #27, May 1939.

The subject is therefore Batman in the Golden Age and the cultural processes that defined him.

The Editor’s premise is that, though Batman’s origin is not particularly original, it nevertheless resulted in a cultural icon that has lasted for 75 years. That symbol he wears on his chest is one of the most recognizable and repeated in the world. The Editor thus believes that Batman is a cultural codex; the key to a number of cultural influences which 1930s and 1940s US society found entertaining and rewarding. If The Editor can break these down into their constituent parts, understand where they came from, she will then gain an understanding of the society that made Batman.

The project deadline is October 2014, at which point The Editor will begin a PhD proper – not on Batman, but on youth culture in British society in the 50s and 60s. However, The Editor’s love of Batman and other comic books will not end in October 2014 – she hopes that it will go on forever. As such, this site has been designed to be an on-going investment, something that will grow and develop. It is a work-in-progress therefore, and done entirely in The Editor’s spare time. This site and the research project behind it are not salaried enterprises – The Editor is not getting paid for them. So please bear this in mind when using this site.


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