A quick update


You may have noticed that the Lady and the Editor have been silent through the month of February. This is because we have taken up a new role as staff writers at Broken Frontier. Broken Frontier signifies a new chapter in our lives, a chance for our comic book analysis to reach a wider audience. Not only this, but it means that we will be working on a number of comics from different eras. Broken Frontier is absolutely the best forum for our research, because the BF team prides itself on intelligent, thought-provoking journalism. So the Lady and myself are very happy about this.

Inevitably, this means that less content will appear on this blog. This is a concern I wish to address. When the Lady and I set up office a few months ago, we had no idea how fast things would progress for us. Originally, we thought a post per week would be feasible, but this was not to be. Our increasing caseload aside, this blog is designed for serious, intense research. Typically, the Lady and I consult at least five books for each post, as well as reference texts and websites. We cannot turnaround a post per week. It seems as though a two posts per month is the most we can manage, and at times this reduces to one. Our focus must remain the project at the heart of our blog, and this cannot be allowed to suffer for the sake of jamming content into our casefiles.

Our lives are getting busier and busier but are all the more rewarding for it. The Editor starts a PhD in October and our office is even branching into comic book writing! So, there will be more output, but spread over different places. However, this will always be our headquarters, our home, the place it all started. So, bear with us. There is much more to come.


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